Blanket Content Warning: This blog may include mentions, descriptions, or other media with information involving menstruation, pregnancy, sexuality, breast care, abortion, and anything else generally considered relevant to inhabiting an assigned-female body, but centering a genderqueer trans male experience.

In addition, please make sure you read the disclaimer at the top of the site policies page which has important information about how health information on this site should be used.

Site Policies and Disclaimers


This website is a documentation of my own experiences as a trans man who has kept his body largely intact and is trying to manage things like menstruation, breast health, cervical health, and all the other stuff that goes with that.  None of the information on this website has been evaluated by the FDA or any medical or nutritional authority and should not be used as a replacement for consultation with a certified physician or other qualified professional.  This is a serious statement I believe in and not just a legal obligation: Many medical conditions cannot be accurately self-diagnosed, and there are people who have died or gotten very sick by relying solely on what the internet or books tell them about healthcare.  Still others have written glowing endorsements of natural treatments for illnesses they never actually were formally diagnosed with (including the flu and even cancer!), which muddies the waters and makes dangerous quack treatments like black salve look useful.

Language and Narrative Policy

Language in trans and social justice communities changes rapidly to the point where people like me who transitioned earlier than the target demographic of trans folx are increasingly left behind linguistically speaking, with words and phrases we created being abandoned for more cis-friendly and hetero-friendly terminology, or terminology that tries (and in my opinion fails) to subvert cishet assumptions about us.  So right now the trans community does a lot of shit like denying trans men the right to consider ourselves as having been girls and women, past-tense, in favor of promoting the belief that we all necessarily must believe ourselves to have been born male.  And, sorry-not-sorry, fuck that shit.

On this blog, I use the language that I am comfortable with.  Some of this language is considered outdated, and I honestly couldn't give a fuck if the general trans community has a problem with that.  This doesn't mean that my language hasn't changed at all based on community trends, it absolutely has.  But I don't change my language just because the community wants me to, and my narrative is the same way.

When referring to other folx, I use their own preferred terminology, even if it isn't my own preferred terminology, unless it's totally horrible (It has to be extremely horrible, though.  For instance, there's a notable trans guy around here whose nickname is an ethnic slur.  No, I'm totally fucking serious.).

I use ze/zir for general gender neutral pronouns because it's out there and obvious and that's appealing to me.

Graphic Language

I do write very explicitly, including a fair number of swear words and graphic descriptions of bodily functions most people don't want to talk about.  If you're on a blog that's explicitly about men who have periods you probably don't have a problem with that, though.

Content and Trigger Warnings

I use trigger and content warnings at my own discretion.  There is a blanket trigger warning for all things uterus-related, as this may be a serious dysphoria trigger for trans people.  Generally I favor making the subject of my essays clear in the beginning rather than creating a separate trigger or content warning before it.  For instance, if something is about sexual assault, then it will mention in the title it is about sexual assault.

If there is no elegant way to make it clear, though, I will add a warning.

Comments Policy

Seriously, fuck comments.  I don't allow comments because when I did allow comments they all fell into the same obnoxious categories:
  • Spam
  • Uncomfortably intense gratitude
  • Criticism meant to derail rather than enlighten or discuss
  • Some radical-for-the-sake-of-radicalism person going on about a super fringe issue
  • If I moderate comments it's all dudes complaining about free speech
I've had very very few productive conversations in the comments section of anything, and so I refuse to host them.  If you have commentary you do have the option to blog about it yourself, and I may respond based on linkbacks.