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Paleo Diet Resources

Although I'm respectful of other people's dietary choices, I have a love of paleo-type diets (or really any diet that focuses on eating foods our bodies evolved to eat).  In addition to being the only thing that really helps me regulate my weight, I love it because I have a wheat allergy and other general unhealthy feelings that it really helps me with.  What follows are my favorite paleo diet related resources.

Paleo Leap - This website has a huge wealth of information about paleo diet issues, troubleshooting pain points in paleo diets, information about nutrients and micronutrients and how weight loss and health increases work.  Check out their topic index where you'll find most of the informational articles, and they have a wide variety of recipes, too.

Paleo Magazine (Referral Link) - A nice print magazine with recipes and articles related to paleo and paleo-like diets.

PaleoTrack - I've been searching for a really long time for a nutrition tracker that actually works for a paleo diet.  It's possible to tweak certain other trackers to make them paleo-friendly (by increasing the "allowed" fat and decreasing the "allowed" carbs), but this one focuses on certain other important ratios, most notably your omega-6/omega-3 ratio and your sodium/potassium ratio (if you have hypertension, like me, your sodium/potassium ratio will be a really important thing).  I found out recently as well that there's now an app for this program.  It's not free, but it was worth it for me.

Mark's Daily Apple - This is the only paleo blog I follow regularly anymore (Mark's interpretation is kind of loose, to the point where in the community there's a split between "paleo" and "primal").  It doesn't have a lot of the same evopsych misogynistic garbage as a lot of other paleo blogs (keeping in mind this is a low bar).  Very accessible, and also great for people who like the idea of the paleo diet but are critical or skeptical of some of the common things people cut out (like potatoes).   Mark Sisson also sells a lot of relevant products.  I do like the simplicity of his meal replacer shakes and am a fan of his supplements.

It Starts With Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways - Fair warning:  The Whole30 is a super strict diet.  Most people do not eat this way all the time, and just use the Whole30 as a reset or starting point so they can determine how different foods affect them.  This book goes through all the reasons the paleo diet removes certain foods, gives some suggestions for adapting the program to vegetarians, and is overall a good introduction.  Note:  If you're constantly doing Whole30s, especially if it's due to guilty feelings, this could be eating disorder behavior, so just be aware of that.