Blanket Content Warning: This blog may include mentions, descriptions, or other media with information involving menstruation, pregnancy, sexuality, breast care, abortion, and anything else generally considered relevant to inhabiting an assigned-female body, but centering a genderqueer trans male experience. I also talk about dieting a lot.

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About Jackson

A picture of me in my birding/hiking/wildcrafting hat!
Hello, my name is Jackson (one of the super common trans man names, I know).  My usual pronouns are he/him/his although I find ze/zir appealing when written and am generally OK with anything except "she/her" and "it/its."  I'm a Pagan minister, an amateur herbalist, and a leftist in the heart of Wisconsin.  I'm a genderqueer trans man who physically transitioned for 4 1/2 years using hormones before transitioning back to being estrogen dominant for health and personal philosophical reasons.  I'm polyamorous, marriagefree, and childfree.  I'm in my early thirties and have been out since 2003.

I've sectioned more detailed stuff about me (relevant blog stuff) under convenient headings so that you can skip the stuff you don't care about.

Gender Identity and Queerness

(No, I do not have a problem with either of these terms.)

I am generally pretty comfortable considering myself a man who was born a girl and who walks an in-between gender both physically and spiritually.  I do not like the word "nonbinary" as this implies the existence of a binary, although you can put me in the general "nonbinary" category as a convenience when speaking of us as a group considering that's the popular term right now.  I prefer "genderqueer" on an individual level.

Titles and pronouns include (in order of preference):
  • Pronouns
    • He/Him/His (Mostly Spoken)
    • Ze/Zir (Mostly Written)
    • Anything but She/Her or It/Its; I'm a good person to practice gender neutral pronouns with as most people who forget to use them wind up calling me a different set of right pronouns anyway.
  • Titles
    • Rev.
    • Mr.
    • Mx.
I present masculine most of the time with a number of feminine "highlights."  I like playing around to see how femme these highlights can get before they start feeling less "me," and I especially like wearing feminine versions of masculine clothes or masculine versions of feminine clothes.  Typically people view me as very masculine (it's the beard and probably the camouflage).

Spiritually I work with genderqueer mysteries.  For me this is a mix of men's mysteries and what would be considered women's mysteries (in me, of course, they are not); many of the same techniques, personalized to fit my own body and sensibilities.

As for sexual orientation, I do not believe this applies to me, as my standards for attractiveness and emotional connection have little to do with gender at all.  I prefer to just call myself "queer," although I occasionally use "bisexual" or "pansexual" for convenience (you'll find I use words I don't prefer to describe myself for convenience quite a bit; they don't feel totally right but they don't necessarily offend me either).


I'm a general Pagan minister who occasionally does weddings and stuff like that (the irony of being a marriagefree minister who officiates weddings isn't lost on me) and who mentors mostly queer and trans Pagans.  I am an extremely Eclectic Pagan, Warlock, and Witch, although I focus a lot on very prehistoric spirituality involving animism and early ancient Egyptian religion.  I'm known to work a lot with queer deities (as well as queered deities, who may not have been considered queer in antiquity but who have queer aspects now).  I've also added, just for fun, some antinomian Christian influence in there, mostly because I like it but partially because it spites conservative Christians and that tickles me.  My Patron deities are Set, Sekhmet, and Wepwawet and I also work with Djehuty (Thoth), Serqet, Pan, Agdistis, the Earth Goddess (how I view the Venus of Willendorf), I have a history of working with Artemis and Eros as well.

I have a disdain for the cisheterocentrism of most Paganism which I make blatantly obvious.

I already talked a little about my interest in genderqueer mysteries.  When I transitioned I started actively rejecting all the women's mysteries stuff I'd learned when I was a Pagan woman and following more men's mysteries stuff.  After a while started missing a lot of aspects of women's mysteries, and while reading the book Hermaphrodeities by Raven Kaldera I was inspired to adopt all gendered mysteries (of course, I don't call anything women's mysteries nor do I attempt to enter women's spaces).  What I've wound up with so far is a framework in which I adopt spiritual practices and beliefs from men's and women's spirituality from a number of different ancient cultures.  I'll be writing more about genderqueer mysteries, but since genderqueerness is so individual it obviously won't be applicable to everyone.

Health and Herbalism

I'm an amateur herbalist fidgeting around trying to find out what works for me and what herbal and natural treatments are best for an estrogen-dominant male body.  I use conventional medicine in addition to natural self-healing, including herbal remedies, ancestral nutrition and spiritual healing techniques.  I'm also an aspiring street medic.

Politics and Praxi

I generally do not refine my political stance much more than noting I am a leftist and anti-capitalist.  At one point I was a member of a major communist party in the United States (if we meet in person you should ask me about this story, it resulted in me not taking a job and there was trans stuff involved and it was super hilarious), at another point I was involved in an anarchist collective.  I'm big into Left Unity in that outside of certain extremely oppressive stances I think we should fight capitalism and the right first and quibble over details second.

Central parts of my political stance (regardless of what ideology I feel most drawn to on any particular day) include:
  • Queer and trans liberation (of course)
  • Anti-ecocide/environmentalism
  • Anti-racism
  • Universal healthcare
  • Universal accessibility
  • Renewable energy and lowered energy use
For me, my hobbies are largely interchangeable with praxis.  I enjoy learning things like traditional skills, but they are also valuable ways to save energy both for myself and for future folks.  Herbalism for me is a way of providing free care to myself and others until it is viewed as a human right by the United States.  And so on and so forth.


I don't use comments because they're hard to control and wind up being instruments for harassment rather than much else.  I tend to get feedback via link-backs from blogs, Twitter, and in-person discussion.

I have a different, more general blog at Reclaiming Warlock and you can also find me on Twitter at @Setkheniitw.