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Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Post-Hormonal Update and an Herbal

Latest picture as of yesterday.
I haven't put up an official off-hormones update in a while, so here is my current off-hormones update... and an herbal.  A wildcrafted one!

I mentioned a while ago I started dying my facial hair.  I actually don't do it a whole lot... just when I want it to "pop" or I notice a lot of gray or blond in it.  I've had some friends say their facial hair goes more blond when they are late in getting their T shots... I honestly have always had the blond and gray so I don't know if it would have gotten darker if I'd stayed on T or not.  Since a lot of relatives tend to start getting graybeards in their mid thirties I'm pretty sure it's just age.

I am going through an interesting thing where I'll see myself in the mirror and think "damn I look great" while also feeling more dysphoria than I did at the start of this experiment.  Luckily it's pretty much all concentrated in my chest, which I hope to get fixed soon.  In the rare event I'm chewed out by insufferable truscum who think hormones are "the very thing that makes you a man" (literally a direct quote) sometimes my confidence is a little punctured and I start noticing things about my appearance that don't usually bother me... but I could have said the same on hormones, too.  Hormones are great but they don't change everything, after all.

One effect I've noticed is that the lifespan of my moustache hairs has decreased.  They're still terminal and still long, but they fall out more quickly than on hormones so they only reach a little past my lip.  I can still pull of a nice handlebar but it doesn't reach quite as long before it gets too sparse and thin to look good.  Right now the only trimming I do is every once in a while clipping a couple millimeters off the ends.

The beard seems to be growing slower but not by a whole lot, and it does grow long enough for me to need to clip it if I don't want it to be super shaggy.  I like it looking reasonably well-kept, which it is as long as I keep the patchy stuff shaved.

Which brings me to the herbal... I think my beard and moustache are fine the way they are, but I did find a huge patch of horsetail, which is generally used for hair, skin and nails.  I made a topical oil with it that I'm using as a beard oil, although it's honestly a little early in foraging season for it to be effective.  There's a lot of it so I'll get more and make other preparations when it's more in-season.  Horsetail is found in a lot of beard growth supplements (along with fo-ti and biotin).

I've also been told that tea tree oil helps keep hair from falling out.  I don't really use a lot of essential oils, but I may put that in my beard oil too.