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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

YouTube Channel Introduction

I'd like to finally formally announce that I've created a YouTube channel!

I actually started it a while ago and have been slowly embedding video adaptations of my essays on their respective pages (most are not direct readings, they're more like "inspired by" pieces).  I decided on this for accessibility purposes, because when reading some tips and tricks on bringing anti-capitalism to the masses I found the suggestion that keeping everything in books and blog posts is not accessible, as there are folks who learn better by hearing than by reading.

I'm the exact opposite, so I have mostly stuck with text, but one of the parts of my personal history in which this hasn't been true is FTM transition videos, which were monumental in helping me through my transition on testosterone.  When I decided to go off testosterone, I tried using the same resource but didn't find nearly as much information, so I think it's important to have somewhere people can see a trans guy transitioning back to estrogen without socially detransitioning.

I will also be posting herbal and spiritual stuff, the same subjects in this blog as I really view the YouTube channel as an extension or alternative to this blog.  I tend to post in spurts, so as of now there is no regular posting schedule, just whenever I happen to have time to film something.