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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pride Month Challenge - Day 21

This post is part of a series originally called "30 Day LGBT Challenge" which asks queer-related questions to be answered during Pride Month.  The original questions can be found here.

Day 21:  Political Queer issue that is closest to you or affects you most.

I am not imminently, direly affected by most queer issues.  This is a privilege I have as a middle class, white, well-passing trans man who everybody perceives as being in a hetero relationship.  But every trans bathroom legislation push, bullshit school policy (I live in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin which is one of the focal points of trans high school student activism right now), and healthcare debacle puts a little chip in my confidence that it won't eventually affect me.

The ones that do affect me are not quite as widespread as others.  For instance, queer and trans inclusiveness in Pagan religion is very close to me because I am very open about being queer and trans in the Pagan community.  Medical access is also very important to me as somebody who has a hard time getting good medical care... doctors are unfairly stumped as to what to do with me if I do disclose, so I don't, which leads to moments ranging from the hilarious (a doctor tried grabbing my balls to give me a hernia test... surprise, I don't got any) to the downright fucked up (a different doctor decided that my complaints of uterine cramps were me trying to get a free hysterectomy).