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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pride Month Blog Challenge - Day 27

This post is part of a series originally called "30 Day LGBT Challenge" which asks queer-related questions to be answered during Pride Month.  The original questions can be found here.

Day 27: Your favorite LGBT blog/Tumblr/site.

I actually hate Tumblr with a passion.  I keep trying to use it for interesting new queer ideas and camaraderie with people like me, but "The Discourse" there is so bloody absurd that I wind up unable to deal with it and just give up and leave.  Right now my Tumblr blog is just used to whine about the terribly bad analysis that exists on Tumblr.

Right now when I log into Tumblr it's just a flurry of people complaining that nobody wants to accept ace/aro folks as queer (not all of them are, they can be valid without being queer, get over it), trans medicalist garbage, and recently I was looking at a general trans/queer hashtag to find some dipshit trans guy had posted an inappropriate video of him and his dog only to piss and moan about being kinkshamed when people complained about it.

It's a cesspool.  I hate it.