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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pagan Spirit Gathering Recap 2017 - The Basics

I normally write about this on Reclaiming Warlock, but since I'm all into this blog I'm going to just mirror my PSG-related stuff on both.  So if you think I or Reclaiming Warlock are plagiarizing each other... nope.  Same guy.

So I went with my partner to Pagan Spirit Gathering, a weeklong Pagan festival, village and educational experience.  It's in Tall Tree Lake in Vienna, IL.  I went last year as well as 2014 (when it was still at a different location).  It's something I really look forward to all year... like when I went in 2016 I'd been planning that trip since 2014.  It's a big deal for me, for a lot of reasons.

One of those reasons is that this is one of the very few places outside of my own home I really feel validated.  It's not that there's no drama or pain, and you certainly find transphobes and even homophobes, but I have this situation where I am very validated at home living with some very supportive people only to leave my house and be surrounded by people who may very well only tolerate me because I don't show them parts of who I am that may change their perceptions of me (I do, after all, need to keep my job among other things).  So a week in a context that is so overwhelmingly supportive and where I don't feel the need to hide anywhere is very valuable.

Anyway, with this year's PSG over, I collected some topics that I intend to write about in the next week or so (depending on time and motivation).


Nudity, Consent, and What I'd Have Said At The Skyclad Ritual - I finally went to the skyclad ritual this year. There were things I could have said during it that I neglected to, and wanted to go over those here.

Men's Ritual/All Gender Ritual/Rites of Passage - There were some great additions for trans and gender nonconforming people this year (and... why I didn't go to most of them).

General Camp Stuff - Problems we had with camp maintenance, setting stuff up, taking stuff down, stuff we should have brought, stuff we didn't really need to bring.

Green Wizardry - One of the workshops I went to that really resonated with me.

Little Things I Remember - Raffle, gift exchange, gnome exchange, stuff that maybe doesn't require a whole post but that was interesting.

Of course, I reserve the right to write more or less of these depending on how things pan out, but I'll start with this.