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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Finally Finished Moon Cycle Blanket Part I

I said a while ago that I was planning on working on a knitting/crocheting project for when I'm menstruating so I have a piece to use for rituals regarding that subject.  It's going to be kind of a knit-crochet quilt in which each period I make a square kind of like the one pictured... this one is crocheted, which is easier for me; each new square will have a different design and different shade/shades of red, probably getting more complicated as time goes by.  One thing I'm pretty good at is crocheting colored designs into squares, so that'll probably be a theme going onward.
Piece one of a menstruation quilt.
I'm seeing a lot of uterus-related crafts on my favorite forums lately (my personal favorite forum is "why would you DIY that???").  Although they're super silly, I think they'd make great ritual pieces so I'll probably try them.  One involved pink gemstone cave slices with fallopian tubes and ovaries welded onto it.

When I was done with this square I put it on our little doggie and it looked so great I decided to also crochet a tiny hoodie for her in the same color.
Penelope the Yorkie in a tiny red hooded sweatshirt.
I also have pink and black yarn.  Not entirely sure what I want to do with it yet.  Probably something queer, though.

I've been on a big repair kick somewhat instigated by my roommate, who also is into repair due to his involvement in open source communities (one of the big issues regarding open source is that anti-open-source legislation often makes it impossible to repair your own stuff, forcing you to take it to a retailer instead or just let it stay broken).  So we've been trying to repair things before throwing them away and replacing them.  The three "R"s--Reduce, Recycle, Reuse--should have "Repair" as an extra one.

This same roommate goes through socks like nobody's business, so I started darning them for him.  This, for me, is also a great way to practice a new useful skill, speaking as somebody who would like to sew and repair more clothing.  I learned basic patching and replacing buttons and stuff in high school by taking a sewing class, but socks I just never learned to repair.

I also have been repairing glassware, including a plate of mine my roommate had accidentally broke and a couple pieces from that same roommate that I accidentally broke.  I found a glassware and ceramic glue by Elmer's that seems to work super well.

Next possible repair will be my air mattress, which I will need at PSG in a couple weeks but probably has a hole or two.  I've done this repair before so hopefully it'll be an easy one.