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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Coming Back From The Derail

Notice that this post has to do with dieting, so keep this in mind if these subjects are triggers for you.

The wheat derailed me a bit more than I thought it would.  Still not doing so bad, but I'm a little more lax than I should be.  I wouldn't call myself "regretful," though, because my roommate found a super cool Hmong and Thai restaurant that is hidden away in a little flea market that I never would have found otherwise.  Also, no wheat!  I did eat rice... not the worst thing, and in fact a lot of mostly-paleo folks will eat white rice, but I think the next time I go I may give the rice to whomever I'm with (a friend of mine is coming over tomorrow who I don't see often, so we may go).  I can't think of anything terrible in some green curry, though, so good deal, hell, even if I do eat some rice.

Oh, I gotta show you pictures of the food and this place:
Green chicken curry with Thai basil and white rice.
And my roommate Eric looking particularly blissful at the experience to reveal that this came from basically a small food court at a flea market:
Eric looking blissful.
Anyway, rice really wasn't the problem, it's... gosh.  I don't even know.  I just feel derailed, like I want sweet things all the time.  I've been compensating by eating more fruit than normal and did have some chocolate today, and more honey in my tea than I normally would.  All things that would be pretty innocuous for me if they weren't an overarching trend.  Mowing down two pounds of cherries isn't a big deal if it happens once, but doing it daily is going to be a big problem.

On a different health note, my last blood pressure reading was 114/90 which is fantastic for me.  If I can get my blood pressure to stick at a good level, this whole thing will have been worth it regardless of what my scale says (admittedly I'd really like to get my money back, though, of course).

Anyway, it's Sunday and I'm at work, so I should let you go and maybe do a few cubicle laps (I work alone on weekends so I can look ridiculous with less worry and get my steps/exercise in!).  Happy trails!

-- Jackson