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Friday, March 24, 2017

Stories from the Trans Rally

Also, my roomies and I were on TV. As background specks.
I went to the trans rally I wrote about last time with my roommates, and generally speaking everything went better than expected.  A friend had gotten into a tiff with somebody in the group who suggested bringing a bunch of patriotic garbage, but there were only two United States flags in the crowd, and in context both of them were definite "not in my lane" situations where I wouldn't care to criticize them anyway.  Some cringe-worthy signs, but it was mostly a supportive atmosphere.  And there were a lot of people there.  I had no idea how many trans youth resided in my city.  And no protesters at all, at least none I was aware of.

There were some uncomfortable moments.  One of the people who took up the open mic immediately used it to misgender the organizer of the rally before going into a lengthy speech including a bizarre tangent about how she saw a cat therian on YouTube but doesn't judge.  And I agree, I don't really care if people live as cats or whatnot, but it's not really something to bring up at a trans rally.  And there were some super questionable signs... I was unsure at first if they were even supporters.  Tomatoes "born fruit but identifying as vegetables," quips about looking for the "Democratic bathroom."  What?  Seriously?  These were, however, from allies.

My favorite were some signs held that said something like "Cis Teachers for Trans Students," as well as one that said "I am a woman, not an 'it.'"

My roommate decided to get into an argument with our school district over some stuff said at the rally about students being punished for using appropriate restrooms (because in addition to being a strong ally, as a taxpayer he is not interested in paying for Title IX lawsuits).  They apparently want to meet with him, which is insulting (on their part, not his, and I hope he takes them up on this opportunity as he is delightfully stubborn).  They have plenty of trans voices to listen to.

In other community and activism news, I'll be facilitating a one-on-one trans thing next week; I'll be asking questions and small groups (ideally one cis and one trans person) will discuss the questions and bring up their answers to the rest of the group.  A couple days later there's a sort of mini-conference I'll be going to as well.  I'd taken the day off to go to a different event that looks to be quite lackluster, so I'll be going to the trans thing instead.  One of the subjects I think will be the issue of uncomfortable stealth and trying to maintain trans identity when you pass so well that you start losing that community connection.  This is in its own way related to my own changes in identity and expression over the last several months, and it's put on by somebody I've been friends with a long time, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Anyway, other stuff I'll be dealing with lately include terrible food issues, gardening, and the aforementioned expression stuff.

Until then, happy trails,
-- Jackson