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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Preparation for the Rally

Pictured: Badge button with transgender pride flag colors
and the phrase "Yes, I Am" in all capital letters.
I'm preparing for a big transgender rally I'm attending with my fantastic queer household later today.  I'm already prepared physically (with some charmingly homemade buttons and a first aid kit) but am very nervous about showing up, as if Facebook is correct it's going to be rather a big rally with hundreds of people attending (and there will probably have a few protesters).

There was a sign-making activity on Thursday, but I wound up skipping that as I picked up a third shift at work that I'm still recovering from.  Ouch.  I did manage to make a fantastically self-outing button as well as a number of similar buttons saying "Trans Is Beautiful" in case anybody I know there wants one.

I created a first aid kit because I have terrible fantasies of being a street medic (partially reinforced by being a healer at a major Pagan festival and loving it so much I took an extra four hour work shift to do it again).  I am a former lifeguard and so I have quite a lot of first aid and CPR training.  I also wanted to create a first aid kit because with healthcare in the balance in the United States I believe widespread first aid, CPR, and basic lifesaving equipment is going to be a very necessary skill moving into the future.  So I've wanted a first aid kit for a while now and finally have one complete with stuff to combat pepper spray (I don't expect law enforcement to be an issue today but there have been some deplorables out there using it at rallies) and major wounds.  I also have some basic painkillers that I'll only give out if somebody actively asks for one (which happens more than you'd think).  Let's hope I don't have to use any of it.

I'm feeling some nervousness about the rally that I hope dissipates during it.  It's multi-issue anxiety, too, like on the one hand I'm always anxious about the prospect of being outed to the wrong people, but on the other I'm older than the people organizing this by a significant amount and sometimes have a hard time getting behind the rhetoric and interests of much younger trans folx.  So I'll play nice and everything (maybe write an angry blog post later if it's particularly bad) but I'm very nervous.

Anyway, time for me to get some work done.
Happy trails!
-- Jackson