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Friday, March 10, 2017

Menstrual Tracking Fail

I gave up testosterone therapy several months ago, and started menstruating again a couple months after.  Since that point my cycle has been predictable... 39 days.  Since it was so regular I got excited hoping that I would be able to plan things in order to test herbal and supplemental therapies, and so on day 39 I excitedly woke to find that I did not, as I expected, wake up in a pool of my own blood and instead had to wake a couple days.  I'm tracking all this on MyMonthlyCycles.  If it continues being shaky I may try some herbals (mild ones) that are supposed to bring on menstruation.  I think parsley is in that category, and my garden always winds up filled with that.  It's still not terribly irregular; 41 days vs. 39 isn't a big difference.

Related note, I'd decided to try supplementing calcium for ten (well, in practice 12 days) before my period to see if it would help with cramps.  Sometimes cramps can be related to your calcium levels tanking before a period, in which case the calcium will help, but in my case it did not.  Supplemental calcium didn't, anyway.  I actually started cramping earlier than normal... not more severely, mind you, but earlier.  So as far as just taking calcium pills, that's out.  Next cycle I think I'll try herbal- and food-based calcium instead, unless I find something more imminently interesting to try out.  I may also try something involving cramp bark, but I'm trying to avoid mixing my therapies so that I know what works and what doesn't.

Had a fun moment of mild panic washing my menstrual cup (it didn't have blood in it but was dirty), as I am largely stealth at work and we do not have single-stall restrooms.  I do not, however, expect that any of the men here actually know what a menstrual cup even is.  That might be a moot point in a couple of weeks, though, as there is a rally for transgender rights very close to me that I actually took off work to attend.  I'm really looking forward to it, I'll be going with my roommates and wearing some charmingly homemade buttons so hopefully I'll meet some cool people.

Speaking of menstrual cups, I also bought one for my partner (it was not her birthday present but I did incidentally give it to her on her birthday) as she was curious about it and they're not super expensive anymore.  So far she seems to like it, as they feel much cleaner than tampons or pads.  I'm always glad to convert somebody to the cup!

Anyway, that's your menstrual cycle update of the day.  Happy trails,
-- Jackson